DELS Scrimshaw
** Deadline for custom scrimshaw needed for the holidays is September 21, 2020! **

All of our scrimshaw designs are hand etched by a local artist. All of our custom work is done by our in house artist, Sandy Beaulieu, who can customize any design, from your house to a person to even your pet. 

We have changed the way we charge for scrimshaw. You will now be charged separately for the blank piece and for the scrimshaw work.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote on a custom design.



All scrimshaw is now being charged by the inch, and by complexity of the design.

Tier 1 - $25 per inch – Basic designs, such as baskets of hydrangeas, compass rose, any black and white line design, etc

Tier 2 - $40 per inch – Moderate designs, color images, etc

Tier 3 - $55 per inch – Complex designs, edge to edge scrim, houses, large pieces, etc

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